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Pet Paradise

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Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise, designed for easy maintenance and its field and olive green thatch stays beautiful all year long. Great for pet runs, doggy daycare facilities or other high traffic areas. Always green and easy to maintain, Pet Paradise is perfect for pets and people. A field and olive color with green thatching creates beautiful year-round lawn. Advanced drainage makes clean-ups a breeze. Use with ZEOFIL infill material to neutralize pet odors. You don’t need a pet to enjoy Pet Paradise turf!

Pets love rolling and playing in the garden, making it their favorite pass time. If you are unable to get real lawn, then why not provide them with synthetic grass? They would love it, and you won’t have to handle cleaning, mowing or any other hassle that comes with real grass either.

Here are some of the things that you have to know about our synthetic grass for pets.

Less worry about Mud or Fleas: Your pet can enjoy and walk around the lawn as much as they want without getting any mud or falling prey to a flea/tick attack when they are out there. Your pet will be healthy, and it will be able to enjoy rolling in the garden happily.

Lead-free: Gone are the days when lead was used in synthetic grass. Nowadays, the latest synthetic grass doesn’t have lead in them at all, and you can get this artificial turf installed in your house without harming your kids or pets at all.

No fertilizers or pesticides– This is the best thing about synthetic grass- it won’t attract any kind of worms, bugs, etc. and there is no need for you to use pesticides on it either. Your pet can happily enjoy the garden without any chemicals around it.

No Bacteria pileup– The original grass will attract a lot of bacteria, and these bacteria have the capability to hurt your dog.  But this isn’t the situation with the synthetic turf. 

These are some of the benefits of our synthetic grass for pets. We ensure that your dogs are safe with our turf. Get in touch with The Synthetic Grass Store to get the best and reliable toxic-free artificial grass for pets. 

Pet Paradise 60 Pro


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