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Kentucky Blue

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Kentucky Blue Series

Kentucky Blue is a beautiful Field & fescue green with & Brown Thatch. Available in 4 different face weights. Perfect for Front Yards, Back Yards, Pets, and commercial applications. Kentucky blue Grass 88 offers an exceptionally plush feel with vibrant 2” grass blades designed to have a durable open ‘W’ grass blade shape for superior performance. With a face weight of 88 oz., this durable synthetic grass also features an extremely strong backing where each grass blade is reinforced through advanced tuft bind technology. The backing is also perforated for drainage and U.V. technology helps prevent your turf from fading even in the sunny, desert climate. Guaranteed to last for years to come, Kentucky Blue Grass 88 is the ideal synthetic grass for most applications. It is also available in 80 oz., 60 oz. and 40 oz. face weights.

Organizing a beautiful lawn before your house or an office is indeed a tough job. But for most people, it is an elusive goal. Real grass requires a lot of maintenance measures and the scenario is different from artificial grass.  You can get it installed and enjoy the greenery around you, hassle-free.

Synthetic grass is one of the best options for people who do not want to take the hassle of growing the real grass. If you are in search of best blue grass, then The Synthetic Grass Store is your go-to option. We have been providing the artificial turf for our customers for many years now, and the quality and authenticity of our products has made us the pioneer in this industry.

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