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The main reason why most of the people get artificial turf installed in their house is to get the look and feel of the grass without going through the hassle of sowing, tilling, mowing, etc. It is a bit subjective to find the most realistic looking artificial turf.

Some may love deep green, luscious turf while others like a shorter pile of height grass, so it is entirely dependent on the person’s perspective.

Here are some of the ways to determine how realistic artificial grass should look like

Look of the Grass– Color plays an important role when it comes to the realistic look of grass. The artificial grass manufacturing companies these days are offering various colors of grass to their customers, from blue grass to hot pink there are a wide variety of options available in the market.

If you want to get your hands on realistic grass, then try a mix of subdued shades of green. They look more realistic when compared to the solid green color. The shape of the grass also matters; thin cat’s eye will feel much softer than the usual grass.

Feel of Grass– The infill and material of grass play a vital role in deciding the feel of grass. Various types of substances can be used for artificial turf infill. If you want firm turf, then sand infill may be perfect for you. Likewise, for different purposes, you can pick artificial grass with various kinds of infilling.  

Purpose– It is essential to know your purpose before picking the best realistic artificial grass. Do you want to get the perfect lawn look or do you want it for any sports purpose or just for your dog runs; whatever reason it is your purpose determines the material that you have to pick.

If you want the best artificial grass for any purpose, get in touch with The Synthetic Grass Store, today!

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